J.Stevenson (ed.), Documents illustrative of the History of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1870) Vol.I pp.341-544:

These are the things found in the castle of Berwick-upon-Tweed in the keeping of Sir John Potthow on Saturday the (morn?) of the Assumption of Our Lady 20 Edward I (16 August 1292), and handed over to Sir John de Burdone, sheriff of Berwick, by the executors of the said Sir John de Potthow, in the presence of Sir Walter de Agmondesham, chancellor of our lord King in Scotland, and Sir Richard de Brimmesgrave, clerk to our lord King, on the King’s order, by indenture.

Namely; in the hall, one large table.

In the sheriffs chamber, three tables two pairs of trestles.

In the pantry, three table-cloths, three old towels, two old pieces of canvas, one stone basin and two tin pitchers, each of one quart.

In the kitchen, a great cauldron, a two-gallon bronze pot, a little pot of half a gallon, and two andirons.  In the buttery, a third of a barrel of Rhenish wine, mouldy.

In the wardrobe, five pairs of iron coats (covertures)…  light hauberks with out hoods, three hauberks of heavy iron without hoods, two pairs of iron greaves, an iron hat, two pairs of harness, five sacks for harness, three old and torn bench-covers, one green hanging with a red border, much used, two chests, one coffer, six old targes, one old shield, a targe of boiled hide, a chessboard, five crowbars and four iron fastenings for the gates, five panniers full of steel.

In the forge, four large anvils and one little one, and four anvils with spikes (ove pikoys), three large and three small hammers, five pairs of pincers and two pairs of bellows and two iron wedges and an iron from which one can make nails, and a pair of wheels bound with iron.  In like manner there are found seven crossbows with winches, and three winches, and six crossbows with two feet and eight with one foot, and eight baldrics, and five hundred quarrels, and a chest in which the crossbows are.

In the chapel there are found a silver-gilt chalice, a chasuble, an alb, an amice, a stole, a maniple, two towels, three crosses, an image of Our Lady an two small images.

Afterwards there are found four engines, each of them lacking a cord for drawing them, of twelve fathoms, and four cords of strings, each of ten fathoms.  After that there are found six springalds, of which three are ready for use; and the other three lack two ropes, and two nuts, and five rundles, and fifteen stone (? – peritz) of straw; for which springalds there are one hundred quarrels and bullets.

In the bakery and in the whole courtyard, six cisterns, one large stove and eight lesser ones, a trough, four pairs of handmills, two tubs and two barrel In the larder there were found 300 quarters of beef from the new stock and six from the old; nineteen pigs carcasses of the new stock and five hams from the old, and three sheeps carcasses, and nineteen mazes of herrings of the new stock, and 706 dogdrave fish of the new stock and three of the old, eight dried fish from the old stock, and forty-three fish from Aberdeen from the stock, and eighteen salmon from the old stock, and thirty-six lampreys in a vat of salt.  In the granary are found eighty-three and a half quarters of corn and sixty-four and a half quarters of peas, and fifteen quarters and one boll of barley malt, and thirty-six quarters of salt.

And in a chamber near the postern gate 872 pieces of iron, and four pickaxe heads, eleven iron wedges, a large hammer, six iron bars for windows.

And in the weight (paise) of an engine there are found three hundred pieces of iron.  There are likewise found thirty chalders of sea coal.  There is likewise found one live pig.


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