any information on Hatters Lane

Hello and thank you for asking the question.  I don’t know that much – presumably at one time is was a centre for hatters.

Hatter’s Lane like neighbouring Coxon’s Lane and Wallace Green is a cul-de sacrunning north from Walkergate to the Elizabethan walls.  However, this was not always the case.  A golden rule of landscape archaeology is that paths and roads never change coarse.  They may change in importance, but not their alignment unless there’s a really good reason.  The building of the Elizabethan walls between 1558 and 1570 is one such reason.

There seems to be a correlation between the older towers on the mediaeval walls and roads leading to them and one can imagine an earlier grid of roads in the north of the town.  

If one “erases” the Elizabethan walls (remembering that the area between the Elizabethan walls and The Greenses was largely undeveloped until the late 19th century) one may extrapolate these cul-de-sacs northwards (see map).  It seems that Hatter’s Lane joins on to Brucegate, Coxon’s Lane to a path leading from the Greenses to the Bell Tower and Wallace Green, the main road to Edinburgh, through the Wallace Gate (between Bell Tower and Lord’s Mount).

A date stone with the legend T S 1589 carved on its face was found during redevelopment of Coxon’s Lane in the late 1970s / early 1980s.  It is possible this house was built by a member of Oliver Selby’s family shortly after the walls had been completed.  It is now on display in Berwick Museum.

This other photograph dates from about 1935 showing the west side of Hatter’s Lane looking north. 

I hope that is of some interest.  Please tell all your friends about this site.  

Jim Herbert

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