hello Jim,what do you know about Weatherlie Square where I was born in 1935.We were moved into a new house in the Highfields when the roof slid off into the street.

Thank you for your enquiry about Weatherly Square.  It was typical of many long closes in Berwick the layout of which probably date to the earliest period of Berwick’s history and are typical of Scottish urban planning.

This detail from the 1852 OS map shows this warren of lanes and closes between Marygate and Chapel Street.  

This first photograph shows the entrance from Marygate into the square between the Berwick Advertiser offices (The Black Bull on the map) and Home Bargains (The Red Lion).  

It was divided into two parts by a second vennel which may be the one seen in the second picture dating probably to 1935.  There seems to have been a big enquiry about living conditions in this area then.  (I’m not surprised the roof fell off!)

A third image of a similar date looks from Chapel Street to the area north of Narrow Lane.  Weatherly Square was at the end of Narrow lane behind the buildings that can be seen in this picture. 

I believe Highfields was built in 1936 as a response to this enquiry.

I hope that is of some interest.  Please tell all your friends about this site.  🙂

Jim Herbert

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