Here’s a thing for you – a rare survivor from Elizabethan Berwick.  This date stone is now in Berwick Museum.  It was recovered from the site of Whillis’s Garage in Coxon’s Lane Berwick-upon-Tweed when the area was being developed in the late ‘70s / early ’80s.

But who’s house did it belong to?  My friend Catherine Kent has done a lot of work on property ownership in Berwick at this time and has tentatively suggested it might have belonged to a member of the Oliver Selby family.

Coxon’s Lane and nearby Wallace Green and Hatters Lane are truncated by the Elizabethan walls, built between 1558 and 1570, but would have at one time extended north to the mediaeval walls.  There must have been extensive disruption to the properties and so this would have been built shortly afterwards.  It is odd however that the authorities would permit new build so close to the walls.

My thanks to members of Forgotten Berwick for their memories of the garage location.


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