What evidence can we still see of Roman occupation at Berwick, if any

It is perhaps surprising, given its location, that not a great deal of evidence has been found of any Roman occupation in Berwick.  The Romans had settlements at Arbeia in South Shields and at Leith.  Trimontium was a major site near Melrose in the Scottish borders.

A friend of mine is convinced there should be some sort of encampment or settlement in the Berwick / Tweedmouth area but nothing of substance has been found.  

His thinking is that the Tweed is halfway between Shields and Leith and therefore may have been a natural “staging post” to access the borders.  However, although the Devil’s Causeway heads straight towards Berwick, one has to remember that Berwick is not on a straight line between these two points.  One would be better served then (and possibly now) to take the A697 (or its equivalent) rather than the A1.  The Tweed is also not very accessible as a route; it has a very low draught.

Having said that, I agree with my friend that somehow it just seems “right” that they should have made their presence here more than is evidenced.

A set of all archaeological records is listed on the Keys to The Past website, below.

However, many of these are vague to say the least.  The most “famous” site is Springhill.  A sherd of Roman pottery was found there and it was once thought that a Roman fort or lookout station occupied the summit.  That is not now thought to be that case.

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