Jim, Not sure whether I’ve asked this before but when looking on a map I was e-mailed on the qt for reporting wildlife sightings on looking at Burgess Cove it showed an area called ‘targets.’ The area was not on the beach but on the clifftop. I suspect it was once used as a firing range with the troops firing from the clifftop of Sharper’s Head. It must have been a long time ago as when I was a kid The KOSB used the range near the Cowport and the stanks, Colin

Hi Colin

Thanks for pointing this out.  I had a look at a couple of maps I found on the Keys To The Past website.  The publication dates are not specific but on one from 1919-26, there is a 600 yard rifle range marked running SW to NE with targets just south of Brotherston’s Hole.  This appears to have replaced the smaller range marked on the 1894-99 map.  This range at Burgess Cove, just to the north of Sharper’s Point, appears to be on the beach firing at the targets at the cliff on the north side of the cove.

Looking at Google Maps aerial view of the presnt golf course, there is what appears to be a mound in the vacinity of the 1890s targets and the “path” to the shelter near the Jingling Bridge can also be discerned.

As always, if anyone has any more information on these features I would love to hear from you!


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