Trawling through history

One of the great things about working in Berwick Museum is that Christmas can be any day of the year!  People will often bring in objects that can give a little bit of joy to the day.


Unwrapping a present in the museum!

So here is a little thing that you might like.  Its a registration plate for a trawler called Craigmillar that was built at Berwick Shipyard.  (This is a really good website for all things to do with the history of shipbuilding on the Tweed.)

It has a special place in my heart, as when I was a lad, when the family moved to Berwick in the 70s, we lived in a house on the Quay Walls which overlooked the yard.  I remember distinctly (well just) waking up in my top floor bedroom and seeing the shipyard crane being operated.


The “Audela”, the last ship constructed at Fairmiles.

Fairmiles were based in Cobham but took over the yard in 1953. A quick trawl of the internet brought up this picture of the ship which appears to have been registered in Fleetwood.


The “Craigmillar” one of the “Sputnik” class of trawler.


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