I would be very grateful to know more about Robert de Tughale. I’ve read that he was sheriff of Berwick in the 1300s and also best friends with Edward Balliol. (Who was his family? How did he know Edward? Where and when did he die? Did he come from a family of priests?) Thank you so much for any information about him. Best regards, Misty

Hi Misty

I have a load of records pertaining to the building and upkeep of the defences of Berwick. Tughale seems to have been made Chamberlain of Berwick after the Battle of Halidon Hill in 1333.  His first task is to make good the damage done by the siege.
In 1334, Edward III received homage from Edward Baliol who had been placed on the Scottish throne by Edward III after the Battle of Dupplin Moor in 1332.  This included granting the land south of the Clyde/Forth line to England as thanks for being placed on the throne.  Tughale was promoted to Sheriff of Berwick and these new lands as well as Chamberlain.  Being a loyal friend of Edward III, it is very likely that Tughale knew Baliol through these political machinations. 
By 1338, Walter de Creyk ids referred to as Sheriff of Berwick and Tughale is Chamberlain once more. Yet in 1344 Edward writes to, 

“Peter Gretheved, his chamberlain of Berwick-upon-Tweed, and Robert de Tughale, greetings”

In 28 January, 1362 he is referred to as,

“Robert de Tughale, late the chamberlain of the King’s town of Berwick-upon-Tweed”

A year later, the king is still writing to him so any idea he has died must be premature.  Indeed the last mention I have of him is dated 27 January, 1372 when he is still Chamberlain although a John de Bolton is also referred to as Chamberlain of Berwick from 1368.

Tughall was a small township in the Parish of Bamburgh just NE of Brunton airfield.  There is a house there known as Tuggel or Tughall Hall dating from the 16thC but some parts may be earlier.  This may or may not be anything to do with Robert de Tughale.

There are various other souces to records I have seen on the internet you might look at.  I hope this is of help.  If you want to, give me your email address (via info@berwicktimelines.com) and I can send the relevant accounts and the section from Scott’s History of Berwick pertaining to T’s stewardship.


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