Low Cocklaw Tileworks

Low Cocklaw, 1893

Hi Jim, I live at Low Cocklaw about three miles west of Berwick over the A1 and am interested in the brick and tile works that operated across the way from the farm between around 1760 and 1860. I found some excellent info in Fuller’s history which indicated at the end of the 18th C between 150,000 and 180,000 tiles a year here, and looking at the 1851 census there were still half a dozen tile makers living here. Do you know if there’s any more info available on this business please?

Hi Marygate Thanks for the question. Sorry its been a while since you wrote this. Piggot and Smith 1837 directory has Francis Forster as a brick maker at Cocklaw.  Whellan’s 1855 directory has William Laundreth at “Under”, presumably Low, Cocklaw.  Here’s some OS maps showing it. How long it was operating I don’t know as we cannot be sure the surveyors were being entirely accurate, but it would seem it was definitely defunct by 1898.

Section of OS map 1862

Section of OS map 1893

Section of OS map 1898


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