A Little Post on a Square Building

Recently I was asked for information about the derelict building at the south end of Berwick quayside.  What was it used for?  I haven’t been able to find much in a limited time but here goes.


The earliest map I have showing a building on that site is the tithe map of 1850.  That, and subsequent maps of the latter 19th century, show a long, continuous building marked “stores”—presumably for the new Ballast Quay.  It can’t be anything to do with the old lifeboat station as that was built in 1901.


OS 1852 map detail

At the north end is a smaller building marked “Booking Office” (for the ferry?)  The OS 1898 map shows a similar range of buildings but there appears to be a gap between the extant square building and others to the north.


OS 1852 map detail

The narrow booking office appears to have been replaced by a building of similar width to the rest of the range.  A painting in the museum collection by Frank W Wood, dated 1882, shows the square building.  Closer examination of the north face of the square building shows a roof scar, so the long range must have been joined on to it.  Perhaps the 1898 “gap” was an alteration to allow access to the new buildings to the east.


Berwick Quayside by Frank W Wood, 1882.  Note the paddle-wheel ferry “Susan” at the ballast quay.

If anyone has any information on this building’s more recent use, I’d love to know.


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